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About hotel - Borovets Gardens Complex, Borovets

Borovets Gardens apartment complex is newly built and modern complex situated in the old center of Borovets, at the beginning of resort. Walking distance from main Gondola lift 10 minutes. The complex offers private studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with fully equipped kitchen areas. There are indoor swimming-pool, sauna, lobby bar and free parking available.During the winter season there is free of charge shuttle to/from Gondola main station. All guests of the complex can use it everyday ! Restaurant Borovets Gardens consist main hall with 120 seats and lobby bar area with brunch tables and sofas with options for food and drink service . Lobby bar area is decorated by hand made artist paint as well as with renaissance alpine impressions The menu has special selection of traditional local food as well as europe finest dishes selected from local delivery farms and gardens ! Borovets gardens SPA is situated between C and B blocks within the complex . Huge swimming pool, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath are available for all guests of the complex We are open every day 10:00 – 20:00 . Our friendly staff will make sure you get everything you need. Swimming pool If you want to fully enjoy your holidays- come to the indoor swimming pool of the Borovets Gardens. Temperature of the water in the pool: 28 ○ Finnish Sauna The temperature on the air is 80-90 degrees. The most common and known in the world. It stimulates the immune system, it cleans the toxins and decreases the fluid retention. Infrared Sauna Infrared Sauna: The temperature of the air is between 50-60 degrees. This is sauna, which works on the base of infrared technology and is more effective, because the heat reaches deeper in the skin. Only 20 % from the rays heat the air and the other 80 % heat the body. Penetrates on 5 -8 cm from the surface on the skin. Relaxes the body and it’s proven that is helps for reduction on different pains. Slows down getting old, it acts detoxifying, helps on the knees, the muscles and on the cardiovascular system. The interesting for this type of sauna is that they have differences from the standard types of sauna because their light directly penetrates in the skin, without heating the air around you. The results of the infrared sauna are obtained at lower temperatures from the ordinary sauna and they can tolerate better from the people which cannot withstand high temperatures. Steam bath A room, which is heated with the help of steam. The temperature in the steam bath reaches 40-50 degrees and the humidity of the air is 100 %. The steam bath is used for relaxation, detoxifying, weight loss; improve of the metabolism and the elasticity of the muscles. Please note that the indoor pool is open during the summer on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 10:00 to 20:00. Free Wi-Fi at reception area. Ski packs can be booked with our own ski school Hunters Airport transfer can be booked with our transport company Balkan PMS Travel Borovets Gardens spa and swimming pool are closed till 20.12.2022


Borovets Gardens Complex
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